Ember Strike achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Journey Begins

Learn to fight!

Party Time

Fight with two minions!

Defeat Agnar

Convince Agnar to join your team!

Pumping Iron

Train a minion to level 3!

Full Power

Get your fifth minion!

All Together

Train a party to level 3!

Mini Boss

Beat the mini boss to unlock PVP!

PVP Time

Win your first PVP match!

Boss - Fang

Defeat Fang and save the Village!

Well Trained

Train a party to level 10!

King of the Seas!

Win a PVP match with Fang!

Mini Boss - Berserker

Beat the raging orc!

Boss - Chairman Bao

Defeat Chairman Bao and save the valley!

Mini Boss - Little Hands

Beat Chief Little Hands!

Boss - The Conjurer

Defeat the Conjurer!