No Pineapple Left Behind achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Core Curriculum

Complete both tutorial levels

The Social-less Network

Use an Unfriender Nova to remove all of a child's friends

Left Behiiiiiind

Turn a child into a pineapple

I Know What I'm Doing

Due to Budget Cuts...

Achievement Gap

Successfully use a Cheating Bolt

Supply and Demand

No teachers use Televiser; all teachers use max number of supplies

Till Debt Do Us Part

Lose a scenario due to bankruptcy

Fruits of Labor

Dehumanize 3 or more children with a single spell

Pineapples Don't Have Makeup

No Child Left Behind

Remove all children from a school

Socialist Scum

Top of the Class

End a day with an A- average or better


Never hire a vice principal in William


A teacher knows all spells and lasers

Ruin Everything

Punch Bowl

Win a Fruitbol game with an all-athlete team

Hat Trick

In Stephen J. Gould School, never lose Fruitbol

Full House

Maximum number of teachers and all special faculty

Oh Good, You Figured It Out


Win the game

Why Yes, I Have