Deep Blue achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Great, you made first steps!

Turn left once

You are dead. Ha ha.


Oh, you are really into the story

Do not skip tutorial

Not so easy anymore

Die three times on same level

Easy, isn't it?

Finish your first level

Wait until you see the next level

Die 10 times in one level

Not an easy game anymore, is it?

Die 100 times

Yeah, launch me once more, baby

Launch the game more than 20 times

Not so endless

Die on endless runner level in less than 5 seconds

Deep into the space

Unlock everything in the first world

Catch 'em all

Collect all balls

That's kinda cheating, ya'know?

Use 5x energy boost on one level

You must be balls deep into the game...

Get all stars on every level

The deepest into the space

Unlock everything in the fourth world

Deeper into the space

Unlock everything in second world

Even deeper into the space

Unlock everything in third world