Greyfox achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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A Dirty Job

Clean up all the dog poop.

10. Tea Bagged

Have tea bags dumped on you.


Complete Mabel's storyline.

The Nurse

Complete the nurse's storyline.

Mr. Brown

Complete Mr. Brown's storyline.


Commit two acts of theft.

The Kat Lady

Complete Katharine's storyline.


Finish the game.

Here Kitty~

Save all of Katharine's cat.

The Doctor

Get the so-so ending.

Happy Ending

Get the good ending.


Don't kill anybody.

Scam Artist

Have Esmeralda arrested.

Coco Nut!

Knock down and eat a coconut.


Kill everyone.

The Asylum

Get the bad ending.