Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Welcome to the lost Islands!

Game on!

Cooking By The Book

Get your first recipe

Look Ma! Shiny!

Craft your first weapon.

Treat Me Like a Pirate

Open your first treasure chest


Platoon Pulverizer

Killed 50 enemies, which may or may not include Charlie Sheen

Recipes Are For Suckers

Craft an item that you do not have a recipe for

Business Is Booming!

Because you bought grenades! Or maybe not. Either way, here's an achievement for your first purchase from the Store Guy!

My Island Now!

Defeat your first Island King.

Use It And Lose It!

Craft your first usable item.

Company Crusher

Killed 100 enemies, which is a full company, but not the business kind.


Upgraded a weapon for the first time

Block Billionaire. Sort of. Thousandaire?

Collect one thousand gold cubes

Battalion Blaster

Killed 400 enemies.

Disco Inferno!

Kill 20 enemies while they're on fire. Burn baby, burn!


Reached the island of the Aztecs.

Clever Girl

Reached the dinosaur island

Unlimited (Limited) Power!

Upgraded a weapon to maximum level


Reached the volcanic island

Far Out

Broke reality

Going Home

Escaped the Lost Islands

The Eternal Gratitude of Team Beard

Watched the complete credits. Thank you so much for playing the game!

The King is Back!

Start a game of New Game +

Left the Building

Finished a game of New Game+