Metrocide achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Pure Skill

Die without getting a single kill

Suicide by Cop

Get killed by a police drone

Missed it by THAT Much

Fail a mission because your target has left the area

No Witnesses

Kill a witness to one of your hits

Human Shield

An innocent was killed by a bullet which was meant for you.

Just a Jump to the Left

Get a kill while strafing

Close and Personal

Get a kill with a shotgun

Run For it, Marty!

Escape on foot from a cop drone which is trying to shoot you

I Know You

Get killed by your mark

Watery Grave

Drown a corpse

Saved Me the Trouble

Have a civilian kill your mark for you

Into the City

Complete Downtown

Work Smart, Not Hard

Have a cop kill your mark for you

He's Just Resting His Eyes

Get killed by a police drone while carrying a corpse

The Professional

Complete a level without failing a single contract

Bad Person

Kill 5 innocents in one game

Going the Distance

Get a kill with a rifle

Penny Pincher

Complete a level without buying any weapons or kit

Gang Warfare

Kill 30 gang members

Through the City

Complete The Docks


Get a kill with an explosive

Sharp Shooter

Complete a level without missing a single shot from your weapon(s)

Nothing to See Here

Complete a level without a single body being found


Complete 20 contracts in a single game

Just Like JFK

Complete a contract by having the mark's own bodyguard shoot them

Never Cut the Red Wire

Blow yourself up

Out of the City

Complete Hilldale


Complete a level killing only gang members

Human Phalanx

10 Innocents were killed by bullets meant for you.


Complete a level with all guns and ammo in your posession

All the Toys

Unlock every weapon and tool

Not Bad

Finish the game on Tough difficulty

Bragging Rights

Finish the game on Impossible difficulty