InnerSpace achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Collect your first relic.

First Wings

Unlock your first airframe.

The Sunfish

Encounter the Sunfish.

No Strings Attached

Cut down a hanging garden or Windcatcher.


Fly into a world's sun.


Visit your companions.

Flying Fish

While breaching the water from dive mode, pass over land before entering the water once more.

The Flock

Encounter the Flock.

The Leviathan

Encounter the Leviathan.

The Hologram

Encounter the Warden.


Encounter the Serpent.


Unlock each world's signature airframe.


Collect 27 relics throughout the Inverse.

Full Bloom

Pollinate the Accordion Blooms in the Sunchamber.