GhostshipAftermath achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Dirty Harry

Find a Plasma Pistol

New best friend

Find the plasma SMG

Short Controlled Bursts!

Find a MK3 Plasma Assault Rifle

I like to keep this handy!

Find a plasma Shotgun

Better Than Nothing!

Find a laser pistol

Way Of The Wimp

Death is not the end in Instant Action mode!

Laser Squad

Find a standard Laser Rifle

Level The Battlefield

Find the Battle rifle and level the playing field.

Enter the Matrix

Access the simulators

This Time Its War!

Find a Mk4 Prototype rifle

Its life Jim, but not as we know it!

Access the Chief Medical Officers logs

Life of Brian

Unleash Brian

Freaky Thursday

Unleash the Creeps from Quarantine

Cool Running

Complete the random cooling tower event

A Nuclear Generation

Activate all of the nuclear generators

Plenty Of Space

Blow the cargo hold

The Full Monty

Complete a game with Brian Unleashed

Eye, Captain!

Retrieve the Captains Logs

Wake The Dragon

Unleash the Beast in Hangar

She Cant Take Much More Captain!

Get the CDF Goliath into Hyperspace

ASMI Completion - Fluffy Rabbit

Complete the game with the ASMI story-line "The Fluffy White rabbit"

Last Action Hero

Complete an instant action game


Pick up an asteroid on sensors

Riggs Completion - The Getaway

Complete the game with Riggs story-line 2

Riggs Completion - Quick Exit

Complete the game with Riggs Story-line 1

Jake & The Never-land Pirates

Pick up a Pirate ship on sensors

I`ve got something for you!

Find the high grade laser rifle

The Good, the bad and the Ugly

Pick up a CDF ship on sensors

All The Way home

Complete the game with the ASMI Story-line "All the way home"

Klingons On The Starboard Bow

Pick up an alien ship on sensors

Russian Engineering

Find Yasov`s Logs


Find the secret stash

Ship Of The Dead

Unleash the zombies in communications

Praise the lord

Enter the white chapel

The Last Barman

Find The barman's logs

Secret 1