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No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Bounce 60 Times

The High Road

Took the higher path on Level 10.

Overly Cautious

Placed 250 Respawn Points

What Are You Doing Up There?

Climbed a Machine in India

Game Cleared

Beat the game on Normal or Better


Get a C Rank or Better

Shorcut Taker

Successfully take the Level 3 Shortcut without dying

The Direct Approach

Take the most efficient path through Level 2 without dying

The Secret of the Slow Tube

Find the secret hidden in the depths of the Slow Tube

The Low Road

Took the lower path on Level 10.

Not a Drop

Stay clean while making your way through Level 6

Day Dreamer

Get a B Rank or Better


Submitted Speedrun Score to the Steam Leaderboards


You only live 999 times.


Get an A Rank or Better

Without a Scratch

Beat Level 8 without meeting an untimely demise.

Top of the Class

Get an A++ Rank

Gotta Go Fast

Beat the game in Speedrun Mode in under 12 Minutes


You only live once.