Nekro achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 35 unknown)

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Advanced Gamer

Do any description of anything.


Kill 30 chickens.

Super Serpents

Deploy 100 scourge.

Pork Popper

Kill 30 Pigs.

Lumbro Liquidator

Kill 50 Lumbros.

Wood League

Issue 10 orders to your summons.

Gone Batty

Summon 30 Horrors.

Get Over Here!

Pull 50 enemies with the Outcast's chain.

Fungus Amongus

Kill 10 Mushroomheads.

Hellava Healer

Throw 50 healing vials.

Bronze League

Issue 50 orders to your summons.

Mayor Master

Defeat Mayor Biscuit without dying.


Kill 35 Townie Elites.

Seedy Servant

Summon 30 Darkseeds.

Witcher Wiper

Kill 35 Witches.

Towie Tosser

Kill 50 basic Townies.

Gold League

Issue 150 orders to your summons.

Backpack Bitchslap

Smack 50 enemies with the Grimm Keeper's skull bag.

Zealot Zapper

Kill 35 Zealots.

Festering Fatties

Summon 30 Punges.

Diamond League

Issue 250 orders to your summons.

Hunter Hunter

Kill 35 Hunters.


Defeat the Citadel stage without dying.


Beat the campaign without using any Trinkets.

Fedora League

Issue 500 orders to your summons.


Beat the campaign with the Outcast Powerset.

Grimm Beater

Beat the campaign with the Grimm Keeper Powerset.

Alchemical Annihilation

Beat the campain with the Alchemist Powerset.


Beat the campaign without dying.


Use 10 different trinkets in one campaign.

Vegan Victory

Beat the campaign without eating any animals.


Bestow the moniker of "Vance."


Beat the campaign without taking any Nekro dirty boy.

Cold Fire

Find and befriend the Giant Flaming Bear.

Priest Pounder

Kill 35 Priests.