Iron Fisticle achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Well Done You

1 Up?

Clean Sheet


Complete The Catacombs

Wooden Fisticle

Complete the first floor

Planning Ahead

A Bit Jumpy

I Urned That

Complete The Graveyard

Chest Obsessed

Ten-tative Progress

Skin Of The Teeth


Beating The System

Stone Fisticle

Complete the second floor

Spelling 101

Collect all letters spelling B-O-N-U-S

Mixed Feelings


Collect 100 items in the ledger

Bronze Fisticle

Complete the third floor

Girl's Best Friend

Collect 5 diamonds

Takes The Cake

Collect a giant piece of cake

Colours In The Air

Collect all rainbow gems

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Gobble It

Iron Fisticle

Complete the game

Coin Collector

So Dashing!

That's Your Lot


Gone Bananas!

Get the golden bananas

So Shiny!


Collect all hint books