Alum achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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You have embarked on the journey of Alum.

Chapter 2

You've reached chapter 2

Colemin's Last Stand

You beat Colemin's Last Stand!

Rushlight Bearer

You've received a rushlight.

Chapter 3

You've reached chapter 3.

Chapter 4

You've reached chapter 4.

Chapter 5

You've reached chapter 5.

Chapter 6

You've reached chapter 6.

Defeat Og

Off with his head!

Chapter 7

You've reached chapter 7.

Dashu's Last Stand

You beat Dashu's Last Stand!

Free Kosmos

Congratulations! You beat the game!


You shared your rushlight with Pige.

Sniper Elite

You beat the sniper sequence!

Free Kosmos (no hints)

Wow! You beat the game without using hints!

Smoky-mountain maple mighty magic mac and cheese scented

Smoky-mountain maple mighty magic mac and cheese scented. Strange, yet satisfying.

Office Chair

The office chair is an office chair.