Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage Director's Cut Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Unlock the Secrets Inside

Acquire the key to the door in the first dream.

Bygone Days Telling Tales

Finish the first dream sequence.

Smooth Talker

Persuade Henry to sell the book.

Meadow Mystery

Find the stone building in the forest glade.

Keen Mind

Underline Arkhamend in the letter that Loath Nolder left.

Piece it Together

Solve the jigsaw puzzle in the old stone building.

In Remembrance

Solve the recollections of the past book puzzle.

No Stone Unturned

Open the small trapdoor which holds the key to the underground galleries of the old stone building.

Seeker of the things that should not be

Going Down

Solve the disc puzzle in the elevator.

Bug Killer

Prepare the mixture for the dangerous insects.

Cover Up

Find the protective suit.

Hidden Room

Making a new friend

Find the Homunculus experiment.


Summon Wolfgang Schneider from beyond

Down in the Dumps

Enter the Mansion cellar.

Childhood Trauma

Finish the childhood dream sequence in the Loried mansion.

Pull back the Vale

Retrieve the whereabouts of the mansion named The Gate.

Keep Looking Down

Find the concealed compartment in the floor of Nathanael’s room.

Family Reunion

Discover your father’s coffin in the tomb.

Long Awaited Reunion

Speak with Loath Nolder.

Toys and Tools do mix

Second Piece

Retrieve the second part of the key, from the nursing home.

No Outsiders Here

Find the Dead Reporter Secret.

Last Piece

Retrieve the third part of the key, from grandma’s room.

Grim Discovery

Discover Henry's dead wife.

Sweep the Floor

Bookshelf Bonus

Search high and low

Into the Darkness

Solve the steam puzzle in the elevator.

Last leap into Unknown

Use the last puzzle piece on the door beneath the well.

Flashlight Collector

It is good to have enough flashlights.

Gotta hand it to you

Lesser of Two Evils

Choose the good ending.

Master Detective

Lord of the Secrets

Find the book of Darkness Within 1 along with a Lovecraft book in the mansion.

Statuesque Secret


Doom and Gloom