Wooden Sen'SeY achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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That's the spirit

Smash the ground with your axes for the first time

Axe lover

Slice all the enemies in one level


Collect all the SeY bottles in one level

Master of pain

Die more than 15 times in one level

Another World

Cry baby



Slice more than 999 enemies

Smart one

Destroy the boss' ship from underneath

Nice try

Beat our time in one level

Submarine master

Finish the underwater level without dying

Titanium bladder

Collect more than 4 000 SeY bottles

Now you get it

Mr. Clean

Slice all the enemies in each level


Defeat the final boss with bombs only


Collect all the SeY bottles in each level

Air bender

Destroy the boss' ship without touching the ground

Bronze Master

Collect all bronze medals

Silver Master

Collect all silver medals

Time Lord

Collect all gold medals

Way too fast

Beat our time in each level