DEADBOLT achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Clocked In

Clear the first mission.


Kill an undead... using the toilet.


Buy a weapon from Charon.


Melee a bouncer to death.

Zombie Kingz: Cleared

Clear all Zombie Kingz missions.


Kill a vampire mid-air.


Kill a Sergeant mid-spin.

Let The Dead Rest

Clear "The Bloody Mary" without letting any vampires revive.

1000 Year Royals: Cleared

Clear all 1000 Year Royals missions.


Clear a stage with only headshot kills.

The Dredged: Cleared

Clear all Dredged missions.

Nah, I'm Good

Kill Puff without using the Tommy Gun.


Clear a stage with only melee weapons.

Baba Yaga

Clear "The Bogeyman" without being seen.

Quid Pro Quo

Kill Amber with a melee weapon, and Evelyn with a ranged weapon.

Grave Robber

Destroy a body as it's being revived.

Collateral Damage

Clear "Timur the Tinkerer" using only trap kills.

From The Shadows

Clear "Ibzan" without being seen once.

Cassette Culture

Collect all memory tapes.

Le Sniper Du Cœur

Clear Vall's sniper nest using only headshots.


Get a five star rating on all missions.


Beat the entire game within 1 hour without quitting.


Beat the entire game without dying or quitting.


Earn every achievement.