FrightShow Fighter achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Just a Taste

Use a PowerUp

The Bouncer

Jump 50 times in 1 round


Duck 50 times in 1 round

Show Me the Goods

Perform a Special Move


Fight the same character as you

Toss 'em Silly

Throw your opponent 10 times in 1 round

Yo Fasty

Win a round in under 30 seconds

Best Buds

Play a local multiplayer match

Buster Jones

Win 3 fights in a row

Big Battle Bub

Win 5 fights in a row

Sho Speedy

Win a round in under 20 seconds

Tasty Morsel

Defeat StrangeWorld on Regular

So Slick

Win a round with <10% health left

Leader of the Crew

Win 10 fights in a row

Child's Play

Defeat StrangeWorld on Easy


Win a fight without missing a hit

Cra-Zee Quick

Win a round in under 10 seconds

A Tricky Taste

Defeat SpookyTown on Regular


Win 20 fights in a row

So Smooth

Defeat a map without using Special Moves

So Fresh

Defeat a map without using PowerUps


Win a fight by kicking only

The Cranky Comeback

Win a fight with Krunchy after losing Dr. Igg

Slow 'n Steady

Defeat SpookyTown on Easy

Bombs Away

Throw 10 Chest Bombs in 1 fight

Chaotic Blow Torch

Defeat DreadLand on Regular

Mr. Mighty Fright

Win a fight without getting hit

The Full Fright Experience

Defeat DreadLand on Easy

Big Whiffer

Lose a fight without landing a hit

Fists of Thunder

Win a fight by punching only

Mega Frighter!

Win 50 fights in a row

Rug Burn

Defeat StrangeWorld on Hard

Whipper Snapper

Throw 20 Canes in 1 fight

The Haunting

Launch 20 Ghosts in 1 fight


Throw 20 Bite Bears in 1 fight

Multiple Personality of Destruction!

Win a fight with every character

Xoo Good

Complete Story Mode 10 times

It's Raining Cats, Oh My

Summon 4 Cat Storms in 1 fight

Nick of Time

Win a round by time out


Defeat a map with every character

Unleash the Deth

Defeat DreadLand on Hard

The Gauntlet

Defeat SpookyTown on Hard

So Laser, So Eyes

Shoot 10 Eye Lasers in 1 fight

Crunching Bones

Throw 20 Skulls in 1 fight

Multiple Loozer Patrol

Lose a fight with every character

Spread the Love

Summon 20 Rainbow Dragons in 1 fight

All Over the Place

Teleport 30 times in 1 fight

Active Hero

Perform every possible basic move and attack in 1 fight

I'm So Special

Win a fight with Special Moves only


Throw 20 Boogers in 1 fight