Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Orc Off!

Defeat 30 Orc Minions

Cleanup Crew

Defeat 100 Enemies

Participation Badge

Malice's special badge for Dante


Defeat 30 Bats

Wall Meat

Find some delicious hidden meat in a wall!

S Rank Student

Achieve S Rank in 3 Levels

Pork Chop Sandwiches


Caffeine Headache

Beets Me

Potion Power

The Big Cheese

The Muffin Man

The Magical Fruit

The Quenchiest


It looks delicious!

The Bread Winner

Sweet Rig

Defeat 30 Candy Robots

Nose To The Grind

Sweet Tooth

Speed Demon

Achieve S+ Rank in 3 Levels


S Rank Master

Achieve S Rank in 10 Levels

S Rank Grandmaster

Achieve S Rank in 20 Levels

100% Innocent

Collect all unique WANTED: Dead AND Alive posters


Achieve S+ Rank in 10 Levels


Achieve S+ Rank in 20 Levels