Teslagrad achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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The Guardian Orb

Long for a savior

Foreign nation of Motorland

Wild Grues

Long for a family

Foreign nation of Angloria

Glorious Alliance

Crafting Iron Lice

Raiding Barbarians

Glorious Coronation

City of Teslagrad

Grand Ambition

Oleg's Duty

Long for a past

Glorious Rule

Foreign nation of Mesmer

Castle of Teslagrad

Crafting Power Plants

The Guardian Fernus

Warbred Grues

Captured Grues

Crafting Volt Walkers

Failed Ambition

Fathers Alertnes

The Guardian Faradeus

Resourceful Father

Tower of Teslagrad

Kings Vengeance

Lone Ambition

Kings Grudge

Conquered Barbarians

Kings Grief

Serving Barbarians

Protective Father

Oleg's Grief

Oleg's Adoption