Flashout 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Alternative Roads

Unlock an alternative road

Pimped Ride

Buy all available upgrades for any given car

Broken Gizmo

Beat Gizmo in the Versus Race

Serial Killer

Destroy 3 different enemies during one race

Mr Dynamite

Lay a total of 25 mines in the game


Fire a total of 50 rockets in the game

La Luna Bella

Beat Luna in the Versus Race


Destroy a total of 10 mines in the game

Jujubee Fan

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Never Alone

Play an online race


Fire a total of 1000 bullets from your machine gun

True Winner

Win an online race


Use the nitro bonus 50 times in the game


Eliminate 100 opponents in Career Mode

Brutal Force

Beat Brute in the Versus Race

First Duty

Complete each Single Player race in 1st position

Switch Off

Beat Switch in the Versus Race

Addicted to Speed

Complete 100 online races

Nerd Down

Beat Nerd in the Versus Race

Golden Avatar

Collect a total of $500,000

True Hunter

Complete 50 online races


Buy all available ships

Online Racer

Complete 25 online races

Clean Cut

Beat Queen Katana in the Versus Race


Eliminate 250 opponents in Career Mode

From A To Z

Complete the Career Mode to 100%

Nuked Up

Beat The Duke in the Versus Race

Ended With A Spark

Beat Spark in the Versus Race

Swan Cake

Beat Red Swan in the Versus Race

Lightened Up

Beat Shadow in the Versus Race