SATAZIUS achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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Welcome to Satazius

Died for the first time.

Winners don't pirate

Destroyed 100 enemies.


Got your first Game Over.


Reached MAX speed.


Used the first of many, many continues.

Swift Deadly Striker

Destroyed 500 enemies.

Sublime Sideway

Destroyed 500 enemies using any sub weapons.

Now we are coming for you!

Watched the Agano burn and launched a full scale vengeance!

Destroyer of Worlds

Destroyed 1,000 enemies.

Always carry a sidearm

Reached MAX power on a sub-weapon.

Flash of a blade

Died at the hands of the Stage 1 boss's second form.

Deer crossing

Mistakenly picked up a speed down item.


Destroyed 500 enemies using any main weapons.

Huge Battleships Destroyed Fast

Traversed through a massive onslaught.

Powered up!

Reached MAX power on a main weapon.

Let God sort them out!

Destroyed 2,000 enemies.

Ship Insurance Extension

Got your first score extend!


Reached MAX power on a charge weapon.


Survived a brutal assault against all odds.

In nomine Agano

Destroyed 4,000 enemies.

Searing love

Got turned into a pile of molten metal by a certain massive stream of magma on Stage 3.

Nothing stands in your way!

Pierced through the enemy lines with all your might.

Persistent pilot

Used 10 continues through different game sessions.

Towards the heart of the beast

Raced against death an instilled fear on a never-ending parade of pirates.


Collected 10 stars in 1 stage.

Restart Syndrome

Got crushed by certain walls on the final stage, effectively ruining your entire run.

Trafalgar Square

Blasted your way into the Heart of Satazius and successfully finished your suicidal mission.

Memory Master

Watched a replay.

Laser surgery

Received the gentle treatment of a deadly massive laser on Stage 4.

Intensive Training

Practiced a stage.

She's Lost Control!

Smashed yourself against one of the closing gates on Stage 5.

Death or Glory

Cleared a stage on Hard Difficulty and experienced the true SATAZIUS.

Challenge accepted!

Cleared Satazius using 1 credit on Easy Mode.


Destroyed 500 enemies using any charge weapons.

Dark Hell memories

Cleared Satazius on Normal difficulty or above.

Conqueror of Satazius

Cleared Satazius using 1 credit on Normal difficulty or above.

High Scorer

Cleared the game with a score of over 800,000 points on Normal difficulty or above without continuing.

Are you prepared to die?

Cleared a stage on Insane Difficulty. You can go deeper!

Revoked flying license

Inadvertently collided against an asteroid on Stage 2.

Select Weapon Array

Unlocked all the weapons on Normal difficulty or above.