Tower Wars achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 35 unknown)

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Complete the tutorial.

Domo Arigato

Play a match against a bot.

AIn't Nothin' Gonna Break My Stride

Defeat a bot in a match.

Better With Friends

Play a co-op game with a buddy or two.

Some Like It Hot

Place 3 Lava Towers in a ranked match.


I Just Need Some "Me Time"

Play all 3 Classic Challenges.

What About The Kitchen Sink?

With or without teammates, attack a single unit with every tower type in a ranked match.

He's Kind of a Big Deal

Win a game with at least one Mortimer the Malevolent attacking the enemy castle in a ranked match.

You're Either Brilliant or a Cheater

NoBOTy's Gonna Hold Me Down

Defeat three different bots in matches.

Well, You’re Not the Worst

Defeat [SVS] blea or someone who has defeated [SVS] blea in a ranked match.

Great, Kid! Don’t Get Cocky!

Defeat [SVS] Alter-Nate or someone who has defeated Alter-Nate in a ranked match.

That's All It Took?

Win a ranked match by only sending Mr. Moopsys.

Missile Barrage!

Build the ultimate long-range weapon in a ranked match.

Oh No! I've Got To CPUin'

Defeat six different bots in matches.

Does This Thing Work?

Play a mod with someone from your friends list.

Raged Against The Machines

Play a match against every bot.


Defeat all bots in matches.

This Achievement Blows

With or without teammates, steer an enemy unit through 16 hexes affected by Cyclonic Momentum Decelerators in a row.

Conga Line!

Send a full unit wave of Minstrels.

A Successful Defense!

Successfully defend your castle in a co-op game.

Giving Back

Submit a mod to the Tower Wars Steam Workshop.

Jolly Good!

Achieve a 4 star rating for a mod you submitted.

That's... A Lot of Units

Send 10,000 units in ranked matches.

The Spice of Life

Send a wave containing all unit types.

That’s... A Lot of Towers

Build 10,000 towers in ranked matches.

Seasoned Hooligan

Rank in the top 100 at the end of any Tower Wars Season.

Old School

Achieve a player score of at least 1200 in the original leaderboards before the reset.

At Their Own Game

Defeat a Tower Wars developer in a ranked match.

Seasoned Fighter

Rank in the top 50 at the end of any Tower Wars Season.

Not-As-Old School

Achieve a player score of at least 1150 in the leaderboards before the official seasons begin.

Seasoned Warrior

Rank in the top 10 at the end of any Tower Wars Season.

Seasoned Strategist

Rank in the top 5 at the end of any Tower Wars Season.

The Season King

Rank #1 at the end of any Tower Wars Season.