Just Dance 2016 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Welcome to Just Dance 2016!

Complete your first song.

Perfect Finish!

Get a Perfect on the last move of a song (No Mash-Ups).

Solid Gold Performance

Perform all Gold Moves in a song.

Finding your feet

Get 3 stars on a song.

The perfect combo

Get 10 Perfect moves in a row in any song.

You've got a friend in me…

Finish 5 songs with 2 or more players dancing.

Variety Act

Dance to every type of song (solo, duet, Trio, Quattro).

Just Dance Warm-up

Get 3 stars on 5 different songs.

Forever alone

Dance to a 2 Dancer song on your own.

You're GOLD, Gold!

Perform all Gold Moves in 5 songs.


Get 5 stars on a song.

First purchase!

Spend 500 Mojo.


Spend 2000 Mojo.

Party Animal

Finish 20 songs with 2 or more players dancing.

Dance Crew

Get 4 Jewels on a song in Collaborative mode.

You are a star

Play a Showtime.

Make it RAIN!

Spend 5000 Mojo.

First quest

Finish first on a Dance Quest (any difficulty).

Born to Perform

Get 5 stars on 5 different songs.

Come at me!

Beat 1 Challenger.

I got the power!

Create a custom Playlist.

Gonna make you Sweat!

Complete a Playlist.

The Dynamic Duo

On a song with 2 Dancers get 5 stars on both dancers.

Low Profiling

Check out your friends Dancer Profile.

Got those moves like Jagger

Complete a song with 90% or more Perfect moves.

Power Playlist

Complete a long Playlist.

It's all Good!

Perform only Good Moves or better in a song.

Bring it on!

Beat 10 Challengers.

Gold Rush

Finish first on all the Dance Quests (any difficulty).

Funky Four!

Get 10 Jewels on a song in Collaborative mode.

I want it ALL!

Unlock everything with your Mojo.

Out of this world!

Get 3 stars on all songs (No Alternate versions or Mash-Ups).

Competitive Spirit

Beat 50 Challengers.

Take all comers

Beat 100 Challengers.

The ULTIMATE Just Dance fan

Get 5 stars on all Songs (No Alternate versions or Mash-Ups).

Complete your journey

Finish first on all the Dance Quests with a Hard difficulty.