Brigador: Up-Armored Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 63 unknown)

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Terms and Conditions

Complete AWAKE ON FOREIGN SHORES in Campaign mode.

Welcome, Brigador.

Complete TURN IT OUT in Campaign mode.

Yellow Raincoats

Kill 100 civilians.

This Is What You Want, This Is What You Get

Complete THE ORDER OF DEATH in Campaign mode.

Original Contract Pt. 2

Complete a level at 100% speed.

To The Letter

Complete a Freelance operation by completing 100% of the objectives.

Degreelessness Mode

Use Orientation Lock on a Gravtank.

Written to Spec

Unlock Efigenia Tseng in Acquisitions.

Radio Free Solo Nobre

Kill 1,000 Loyalists.

Not One Stone

Cause $10,000,000 worth of property damage.

Ye Dragons and All Deeps

Complete a Freelance operation with the Auditor.


Kill 1,000 civilians.

Small Stakes

Unlock all Small weapons in Acquisitions.

On A Swivel

Unlock all Turret weapons in Acquisitions.

No Plan Survives

Unlock all Special weapons in Acquisitions.

Primary Sources

Unlock all Main weapons in Acquisitions.

Original Contract Pt. 1

Complete FLY BLACKBIRD with tank controls enabled.

Bring Back-up

Unlock all Auxiliary weapons in Acquisitions.

Just Deserts

Unlock all Heavy weapons in Acquisitions.

In Camera

Complete a 3+ run with no alarms.

Professional Courtesy

Complete AWAKE ON FOREIGN SHORES with no civilian casualties.

Corvid Claret

Kill 1,000 Corvids.

What's This, Then?

Open the developer console.

Slo-Mo Inhaler

Complete a level at 50% speed.

The War Nerd

Unlock Marvin Beck in Acquisitions.

Unaware of Any Such Activity

Unlock all INTEL entries in Acquisitions.

Double Stack

Complete a Freelance operation with 2 of the same weapon equipped.

Lore Boar Wants More

Unlock all LORE entries in Acquisitions.

Dirt Eater's Revenge

Kill 1,000 Spacers.

My Red Hot Car

Unlock all Spacer vehicles in Acquisitions.

Manu Propria

Unlock Cephei Chatfield in Acquisitions.

L'Inconnu de Solo Nobre

Unlock Precursor James in Acquisitions.

Olive Drab Everything

Unlock all Loyalist vehicles in Acquisitions.

Blue In Green

Unlock all Corvid vehicles in Acquisitions.

Find Your Exit

Complete all levels in Campaign mode.

Blood Money

Complete KNIFE CHASE in less than 15 seconds.

Cult of the Founder

Complete a Freelance operation with Precursor James.

Animal Found Toast

Unlock Kennedy Spits in Acquisitions.

Through A Scanner

Unlock Oscar Allard in Acquisitions.

Das Ist Eine Statistik

Kill 10,000 civilians.

Called It What It Truly Was

Complete an operation with a Buckmaster equipped with Zeus, Bonesaw, and Active Camo.

So It Goes

Complete an operation with a Rat King equipped with 2x Königs and Audio-Kinetic Pulse.

Jack Moves

Unlock all Operations in Acquisitions.

Do You Accept?

Unlock all Pilots in Acquisitions.

Hell in a Two-Stroke

Complete a Freelance operation with the Varlet.

Steady Ed

Complete an operation with a Touro equipped with Balão, Bully, and Smoke Projector.

Rock Over Solo Nobre

Complete JOY BUS/HELL RIDE without firing a shot.

The Gonk

Complete an operation with a Lowmil equipped with Otomo, Chieftain, and Smoke Projector.

Tuk Tuk Boom

Complete an operation with a Varlet equipped with 2x Donkey and Audio-Kinetic Pulse.

The Tenderizer

Complete an operation with a Vex, 2x Banshee, and Active Camo.

Sleeping Lessons

Complete an operation with a Sleepwalker equipped with Disco, Black Hand, and Active Camo.

Wolf Like Me

Complete an operation with a Haseki equipped with 2x Jericho and EMP.

Technical Excellence

Complete an operation with a Nickel equipped with 2x Crambo and Smoke Projector.

'Giancarlo' Jr.

Complete an operation with a Rope Kid equipped with Bully, Pinch, and Audio-Kinetic Pulse.

Ranulph's Revenge

Complete an operation with a Mongoose equipped with Carlos, Bonesaw, and Smoke Projector.

Tractor Pull

Complete an operation with a Roper equipped with Kraken, Bishop, and Smoke Projector.

Mark It Zero

Complete an operation with the Pompadour equipped with Archie, Gutterball, and EMP.

Maschinen Krieger

Complete an operation with a Kettle equipped with Harvester, Thunderclap, and Smoke Projector.

When I'm On The Road, I'm Indestructible

Complete an operation with a Troubadour equipped with Belter, Carlos, and Active Camo.

Diamond Collector

Complete every Campaign level with all loadouts.

Contractor Bespoke

Complete the CAMPAIGN run in Freelance.

Last Stop This Town

Complete the FULL LINEAR SOLO NOBRE run in Freelance.

True Psychogamer

Complete the CLOSED CASKET SPECIAL run in Freelance.