Blocks That Matter achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Someone did it wrong

Experience the effect of the nanoreset explosion

Put it in a jar

Collect your very first Blocks That Matter

I kissed a slime, and I liked it

Die by kissing a slime

Bad Romance

Squash a slime with a falling block

Tetrobot 1.0

Upgrade Tetrobot so he can destroy lines

Tetrobot 1.1

Upgrade Tetrobot so he can drill metal blocks


Draw all possible tetrominoes shapes in puzzle mode

Blocks Enthusiast

Collect 10 Blocks That Matter

Tetrobot’s fanclub

Join the Blocks That Matter Steam group

It wasn’t my war

Avoid the death of the fire slime in "Collateral damage"

Hall of fame

Collect the 3 BTMs that inspired this game

Citizen Game

Play a community level and rate it

Tetrobot 1.2

Upgrade Tetrobot so he can drill crystal blocks

Videogames are not movies

Watch the credits until the end

Blocks Specialist

Collect 20 Blocks That Matter

Tetrobot saves the day

Free Alexey and Markus

Almost 1.200 points

Destroy 4 lines of 8 blocks at the same time in "Manual Tetris"

Shake your Boötis

Collect 10 Stars


Playtest a level you’ve created with the ingame level editor

French Touch

Collect 3 BTMs made by french developers

It’s Supergreen

Collect a Green Star

Blocks Connoisseur

Collect 40 Blocks That Matter

Carinae of Time

Collect 20 Stars

Big Mama is watching

Complete 10 Bonus Levels


Perform the longest possible fall in the game

Mister Sandman

Complete "An Ice Glitch" saving 4 blocks of sand

What was that momma always said?

Complete all the Chocolate Update levels


Complete "The Invader" without having burned a wood block

Be our guest

Complete "The Underground Rescue" with 100%

Why so Sirius

Collect 40 Stars

Acceptable in the 80s

Start and finish "The Underground Rescue" in a single game session

Big Mama is proud of you

Complete 20 Bonus Levels