Tiny Troopers achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Boot Camp

Complete the Tutorial

Medal of Honor

Kill 100 Enemies

Gate Crasher!

Open a Gate in Zombie level

Tag Collector

Collect 25 Dog Tags

Killer chicken killer!

Kill 100 Zombie chickens

Into the Frey

Beat Chapter 1

Air Support

Order 10 items from HQ

Diverse Tactics

Use one of each heavy weapon on a single mission

MOBA Master

Destroy 10 Towers

Tank Hunter

Destroy 10 Tanks

War bonds

Earn 200,000 Command Points

Over the Hill

Beat Chapter 2

Death From Above

Use Airstrike to Kill 3 Enemies At Once

Strength in Numbers!

Get a full squad in Zombie level

Decked Out

Fully Upgrade Your Squad

Coming Home

Beat Chapter 3

Are you even trying?

Lose the first mission

Watch Your Step!

Lose 5 Troopers to Mines


Kill 50 Enemies with Grenades


Kill 50 Enemies with Rockets


Revive fallen squad members 10 times in Zombie level

Mow ‘Em Down!

Kill 50 Enemies with Machine Gunner


Kill 50 Enemies with Airstrike

Spec Ops

Kill 50 Enemies with Delta Force

Battlefield Triage!

Collect 10 Medicrates in Zombie level