IACTURA achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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It wasn't THAT important

Did not care at all

It's the little things...

Reached a score of 10.000 on normal play-mode


Prevented 250 enemies from reaching the earth

I feel better every time

Got 20 powerups


Died to save the world


Reached a score above 100.000 on normal play-mode

Small beginnings

Scored 50.000 or more in hard mode

Bleeding heart

Defeated the heavy-hearted miniboss thrice


Reached a score of 140.000 on normal play-mode

Looking good

Defeated the miniboss with the cute look quadruply

They shall not pass

Prevented 20.000 enemies from reaching the earth

Great destinies

Scored 200.000 or more in hard mode