Has-Been Heroes achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Trouble afoot

Complete the Prologue

Orb of Destiny

Fulfill the Grand Soul Orb!

Orb of Light

Fulfill the Grand Soul Orb five times

Close calls

Play through the game once

Orb of Perseverance

Fulfill the Grand Soul Orb ten times

Blessed and punished

Play through the game twice

Orb of Wisdom

Fulfill the Grand Soul Orb 15 times

Roasted marshmallows

Play through the game three times

Orb of Power

Fulfill the Grand Soul Orb 25 times

Fortitude or fortune?

Play through the game four times

A breather

Play through the game five times

Orb of Vanquishing

Fulfill the Grand Soul Orb 50 times

Towards the Academy

Play through the game six times

It has just begun

Play through the game seven times

It was foretold.

Unlock the Black Knight, Thanatos

Orb of Legends

Fulfill the Grand Soul Orb 100 times

*Roho the Robot celebrates*

Unlock all skins for Roho the Robot!

Clawing your way

Unlock all skins for Kedi the Tiger!

Epic tale

Unlock all skins for Favian the Bard!

Dug deeper

Unlock all skins for Khar the Dwarf!

No crutches needed

Unlock all skins for Metacles the Monk!

Not retired yet

Unlock all skins for Crux the Warrior!

Ever vigilant

Unlock all skins for Zakwas the Bodyguard!

Man behind the mask

Unlock all skins for the Wrestler, Florencio de la Torre, aka "El Antropólogo"!

Let the show begin

Unlock the Magician, Edran


Unlock everything in the game!