Damnation City of Death achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Mission Veteran

Complete Intro

Feeling warm

Craft a campfire

First Blood

Get your first kill


Survive your first night

Yummy yummy!

Cook meat

Let's start melting

Craft an oven

Just a flesh wound!

Heal yourself after taking 3 wounds

Save for a rainy day

Craft a large medkit

Speed Killer

Kill 5 zombies in 10 seconds

Big League

Kill 10 Tyrants

Home sweet home

Craft a beacon

Power it up!

Craft a generator

Corpse Killer

Kill 100 zombies

I am one with the dark


Night Stalker

Survive 5 nights in a row



Get 50 000 XP

God of War

Kill 5000 zombies


Kill 50 players


Kill 1000 zombies


Kill 100 boars