Crash Force achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 48 unknown)

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You thirsty brah?

Replenish your energy for the first time

Trial By Fire

Score Your First Kill

Baby Steps

Complete the Tutorial Level

Double Trouble

Score a Double Kill


Score a Penta Kill

Triple Threat

Score a Triple Kill

Centum Lieutenent

Score 10 Kills

Best Served Cold

Kill The Hover That Killed You Last

Emerge Victorious

Win your first game

Let The Games Begin

Score First Blood

Valuable Yet Humble

Be the MVP of a Match

One Big Step

Reach Level 2

Angel Of Death

Score a 10-Kill Streak


Score a Crash Force Kill

Forest Spirit

Win 1 Game In Cicuma Forest

Plains Walker

Win 1 Game In Aquila Plains

Sacrilegious Savage

Win 1 Game In Clava Tombs

Cicuma Nebulosa Master

Clava Jubatus Master

Cicuma Pulsatrix Master

Aquila Minuta Master


Score 100 Kills

Aquila Rapax Master

Top of The Mountain

Aquila AudaxMaster

Clava Myotis Master


Complete A Transaction

Clava Diphylla Master

Cicuma Acadica Master


Score 100 Revenge Kills

Pair Them Up

Score 50 Double Kills


Spend at least one Aviation Point

Standard Bearer

Capture And Secure a Capacitor

When Two Are Not Enough

Score 50 Triple Kills


Win 50 games

War Hero

Win 100 games

Double Centenary

Score 100 Double Kills

Half Way There

Reach Level 45

Vampire Hunter

Score 100 First Bloods

The Art Of War

Score 50 Penta Kills


Score 100 Penta Kills


Score 100 Triple Kills


On the Tipitty Top

Reach Level 90

Physics Expert

Score 1000 Crash Force Kills

Psycho Small Master

Psycho Medium Master

Psycho Large Master