7 Days to Die achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Cause He's The Ax Man

Craft your first Stone Ax

Good in the Sack

Place your first bedroll, old bed or king sized bed

Alexander Bell

Craft 50 Items

The Grave Digger

Kill 10 zombies

Christopher Columbus

Travel 10 Kilometers

Handy Man

Craft your first wood frame

Playing Doctor

Stop a critical bleed-out with a bandage, first aid bandage or first aid kit

Bite the Dust

Die 5 Times


Scored 10 in a Single Game

Brush With Death

50 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game

Benjamin Franklin

Craft 500 Items

Ferdinand Magellan

Travel 50 Kilometers

The Homestead Act

Place your first Land Claim

The Embalmer

Kill 100 zombies

Evil Knievel

Break your leg


Scored 50 in a Single Game

Henry Ford

Craft 1500 Items

Near Death Experience

150 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game

Knock em Dead

Die 25 Times

The Mortician

Kill 500 zombies

Dig Deep

Get down to 3 meters or bedrock in a game

Marco Polo

Travel 250 Kilometers

Thomas Edison

Craft 5000 Items


Scored 250 in a Single Game

Cheated Death

500 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game

Alive and Kicking

Reached 125 in Wellness


Scored 500 in a Single Game

Fit as a Fiddle

Reached 150 in Wellness

The Funeral Director

Kill 2500 zombies

The Polar Bare Club

Be naked, feels like temperature 0° or lower, and 100% wet

Nearly Immortal

1250 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game

Neil Armstrong

Travel 1000 Kilometers


Scored 1000 in a Single Game

Healthy as a Horse

Reached 175 in Wellness

Your Number's Up

Die 100 Times

Dirty Larry

Kill 44 punks with a 44 magnum

The Picture of Good Health

Reached 200 in Wellness


Kill 10 Players

On Top of the World

Get up to the 255 meter height in a game

Julius Caesar

Kill 100 other players

Genghis Khan

Kill 500 other players

Meet Your Maker

Die 500 Times

Alexander the Great

Kill 2500 other players