Pro Basketball Manager 2021 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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Recruit a player.

First game

Win a game.


Fire a player.

We are just warming up!

Win 5 games in a row in the same competition.

20 points gap!

Win a game by 20 or more.

Employee of the month

Coach the best player of the month.

It went fast

Finish a season.


Complete a trade.


Re-sign with the same team.

He is with us!

Coach a player selected in the All-Competition first team.

National champion

Win the Championship.

One point

Win a game by only one point.

Starting to have experience

Finish 2 seasons in the same career.

The best!

Receive the Best Coach award of the competition.

That's my week

Coach the best player of the week.

Change, finally!

Change your team logo for the first time.

Go home!

Get fired.

Will it ever end?

Win 15 games in a row in the same competition.

Season MVP

Coach a player awarded with the MVP award.

30 points margin!

Win a game by 30 or more.

Baby trainer

Coach the best young player of the year.

He's crawling!

Coach a player selected as Best Young Player of the Month in a competition.


Win the championship 2 years in a row.

It's wood this year right?

Finish 5 seasons in the same career.

Good effort, though!

Finish last in your league.

Both is better

Win the national cup and championship the same year.

Defensive Player of Year Award

Coach the best defensive player of the year.


Win the championship 3 years in a row.

Best baby!

Coach the best young player of an international competition.

Barcelona Style

Win the championship 4 years in a row.

National team coach!

Coach a national team.

Off the bench!

Coach a player awarded with the Sixth Man Award.

So it can last more than 7 years

Finish 10 seasons in the same career.

From Berlin or Leverkusen?

Win the championship 5 years in a row.

MVP of an international competition

Coach a player awarded with the MVP Award of an international competition.

Want to visit 's-Hertogenbosch?

Win the championship 6 years in a row.

Who said GOAT?

Receive the best coach award of an international competition.

Among legends

Being selected as best coach in the Olympic Games.

They did it in Siena

Win the championship 7 years in a row.

Getting pretty serious...

Finish 15 seasons in the same career.

Just like Madrid

Win the championship 10 years in a row.

Play it like Boston

Win the championship 8 years in a row.

From Moscow with love

Win the championship 9 years in a row.

Porcelain or platinum?

Finish 20 seasons in the same career.

Retirement home

Coach three players retiring during the year.