Envy the Dead achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Zombie attack

Defeat zombies in battle

Humans attack

Defeat survivors in battle


Heal dying injured character

Very hungry

Feed dying hungry character

Better equipment

Equip character with any armor

To city

Complete stage 1

Hard work

Gather any supply on x8 rate


Kill stinker boss


Use conviction answer

Master survivor

Train character to level 4


Explode barrel or propane

To underground

Complete stage 2


Kill butcher boss

To safety

Complete game


Craft turret

Warm up

Survive wave 10 in survival

First defense

Survive wave 20 in survival

City of fear

Complete stage 1 on hardcore

We made it

Survive wave 30 in survival

To nightmare

Complete stage 2 on hardcore

Nightmare ends

Complete game on hardcore