Goliath achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 41 unknown)

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Build your first Wooden Goliath

Stranger in a Strange Land

Complete the tutorial

What Does the Fox Say?

Meet the Forest Brotherhood


Get Drogkh to the base

Rock Your World

Build your first Stone Goliath

For a Rainy Day

Get 5000 gold


Kill 500 enemies

Fortune and Glory, Kid

Get Thomas F. Melton to the base

Don't Curse!

Defeat the Cursed Monster

Tonight We are Young

Reach level 20

Pay the Iron Price

Meet the Forgers

Rock it!

Kill 50 enemies with Wooden Goliath catapult

Full Metal Threat

Build your first Metal Goliath

Lost in Translation

Learn Trollese, Gnarkish and Golemian

Lawful Good

Get Sheriff Willy to the base


Spend 10.000 gold in shops

Money Isn't Everything

Defeat the Great Treasure Hunter

Man with No Name

Kill 50 enemies with the revolver

I Want to Believe

Meet the Created


Equip Goliath with two fabulous weapons at the same time

Let's Get Metaphysical

Build your first Crystal Goliath

Even More Metal Than You

Get T1NK3R3R to the base

No Pain No Gain

Break 50 Goliaths

Just Married

Successfully perform the ceremony of Pygmy's marriage

Forty is the New Twenty

Reach level 40

Good Samaritan

Complete 10 side quests

Storm the Castle

Defeat the Castle

Playing Nice

Get 100% reputation for all three factions

Heroes on Demand

Became a member of Order


Defeat the Guard of the Citadel

The Final Frontier

Find the Citadel

If You Gaze Long into the Void...

Defeat the Final Boss

Lightnin' Up

Kill 50 enemies with Crystal Goliath lightning storm

Gravity fell

Complete all quests in the House of Miracles

Ram it Down

Kill 50 enemies with Stone Goliath ram

Good fellas

Re-educate the gang of youth thugs

Lady Buccaneer

Get Baroness Victoria to the base

Dead Man's Chests

Find 15 treasures

Goliath Army

Unlock all unique Goliaths

Ferdinand Magellan

Visit all shards in the game

Rockets Man

Kill 50 enemies with Metal Goliath rockets