Meadow achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 107 unknown)

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A curious start - Badger Cub

Played 15 minutes as a Badger Cub.


Unlocked an emote.

Aspiring florist

Picked 10 flowers.

Climbing up in the world


New coat

Unlocked a skin


Unlocked the Frog.

Returning Favourite - Badger Cub

Played 2 hours as a Badger Cub.


Unlocked the Rabbit.

A range of expressions

Unlocked all emotes for an animal.

Starting Out

Unlocked 10 obelisks.

One thing at a time

Found all types in one category of collectables.

A curious start - Frog

Played 15 minutes as a Frog.

A handful of pretty

Picked 10 rare flowers.

Gatherer of flowers

Picked 100 flowers.


Unlocked the Goat.

A curious start - Rabbit

Played 15 minutes as a Rabbit.


Loud mouth

Browsing the range

Unlocked an obelisk of each type.

A curious start - Goat

Played 15 minutes as a Goat.


Unlocked the Fox.

Curious Start - Fox

Played 15 minutes as a Fox.

Returning Favourite - Rabbit

Played 2 hours as a Rabbit.


Unlocked the Pheasant.

A curious start - Lynx

Played 15 minutes as a Lynx.

A place to lay your head


Ate 50 pieces of food.

Returning Favourite - Goat

Played 2 hours as a Goat.

Full wardrobe

Unlocked all skins for one animal.

Returning Favourite - Frog

Played 2 hours as a Frog.

Returning Favourite - Fox

Played 2 hours as a Fox.

Curious Start - Pheasant

Played 15 minutes as a Pheasant

Returning Favourite - Lynx

Played 2 hours as a Lynx.

Only the best will do

Picked 10 fabled flowers.

Dipping a Paw

Picked 50 water flowers.

Hello there


Unlocked the Hedgehog.

Returning Favourite - Pheasant

Played 2 hours as a Pheasant.


Moving Up

Unlocked 100 obelisks.


A curious start - Lynx Cub

Played 15 minutes as a Lynx Cub.

Late night conversation

Curious Start - Hedgehog

Played 15 minutes as a Hedgehog.

A taste of everything

Have eaten all types of food.

A Curious Start - Badger

Played 15 minutes as a Badger.

A curious start - Bear Cub

Played 15 minutes as a Bear Cub.

Shelter resident

Returning Favourite - Lynx Cub

Played 2 hours as a Lynx Cub.


Unlocked the Wolf.

Top of the world

Doctor Malcom

Found all types of flowers.

Returning Favourite - Badger

Played 2 hours as a Badger.

Returning Favourite - Hedgehog

Played 2 hours as the Hedgehog.

More colors than I can bear

Picked 100 rare flowers.

A curious start - Eagle

Played 15 minutes as an Eagle.

Returning Favourite - Bear Cub

Played 2 hours as a Bear Cub.

Curious Start - Wolf

Played 15 minutes as the Wolf.

Full nest

So many much pretty

Picked 1000 flowers.

Sitting Around

Autumn Joy

Jumped in 50 leaf piles.


Fungus Scholar

Found all types of mushrooms.

Returning Favourite - Wolf

Played 2 hours as the Wolf.

Don't you notice me?



Returning Favourite - Eagle

Played 2 hours as an Eagle.

Buffé Veteran

Ate 500 pieces of food.


Grand popper

Because I deserve it

Picked 100 fabled flowers.

Like a Fish

Picked 500 water flowers.

Delicious Rarities

Found 100 rare mushrooms.

Mushroom Hoarder

Found 500 common mushrooms.

A Musical Bath

Submerged in Leaves

Jumped in 500 leaf piles.

My arm is getting tired here

Spring to life

Crystal Connoisseur

Found all types of crystals.

Winter Joy

Jumped in 50 snow piles.

Odd Picks

Found 50 fabled mushrooms.

Snow Man

Jumped in 500 snow piles.


Found 100 crystals.

Brilliant Discovery

Autumn View

Lonely Pear Tree

Butterflies in your stomach

Light as a feather

Stepped on 10 lotus leaves

End of the world

Monolith Moment

Elephant in the room

Mystery Stone

Pride Rock

Center Tree Top

Snowy Passage

The joys of spring

X marks the spot

Social butterfly

Trunks full of love!

Made your mark

Lotus Eater

Stepped on 500 lotus leaves

Spring fever

The butterfly effect

Elephantastic 10 years!