20XX achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Complete level 4.

Air Time

Long Weekend

Complete level 8.


End a run with at least 50 Soul Chips.

The Cycle

Deliver a boss' killing blow with its weakness.


Complete the game.

Taste the Rainbow

Equip four non-matching Cores at the same time.

Honor and Glory

Complete the game after entering and achieving glory in all Glory Zones.


Have 250 nuts at once (Endless Mode not eligible).

Get Equipped

Complete a Core Set.



Forsake your only true friend.

Last Breath

Complete the game with 1 HP remaining (and no armor).


Complete the game with 8 Powers.

Free Candy!

Sorry to Jet

Complete a Rush Job.

Heavy Metal

On Level 8, defeat Kur after reflecting all of his Quint Laser attacks.


Unlock everything in the Soul Shop.

Not Cool

On Level 8, defeat Shatterbeak without letting him use any interruptible abilities.


Complete a Daily Challenge.

Get Lucky!


Have 50 Maximum HP at once (Endless Mode not eligible).


Complete the game with the default primary weapon and no Powers.

Lab Rat

Complete the game with at least 3 Prototypes and no System Restore.


Clear Level 16 in Endless Mode.


Clear Level 25 in Endless Mode.


On Level 8, defeat Death Lotus with 10 Lotus Spawns alive.


On Level 8, defeat Vile Visage by breaking his horn while he's at or very near full health, then only using basic (including charged) attacks.


Clear Level 40 in Endless Mode.

Move Like They Do

On Level 8, survive for 60 seconds without taking damage during The Perforator fight.


On Level 8, defeat all four Rollsters within a single three-second window.

Hard Hat Zone

On Level 8, defeat both Twin Astrals with falling platforms.

Thunder Follows

Complete the game within 28 minutes.


Complete 10 Daily Challenges.


Complete the game having taken damage ten or fewer times.

Armored Core

Complete the game with 1 or fewer maximum HP.

Dr. Device

On Level 8, defeat 50 Flapps and Eternal Star within two seconds using Force Nova.


Complete a Marathon run within 35 minutes.


Complete the game with Marathon, Famine, and Bankrupt active.

Ancestor Worship

Complete the game with Rock and Purist active.

Brittle Battle

Complete the game with Wrath, Famine, Marathon, and Toxin active.

Nut Zero

Without Bankrupt active, complete the game without picking up any nuts or nut-granting Augs.


Complete the game with Wrath, Undying, Furor, and Swarm active.


Clear level 1 with Bankrupt, Famine, Furor, High Tide, Marathon, Purist, Rock, Swarm, Toxin, Undying, and Wrath active.

Probably Cheating

Clear level 3 with Bankrupt, Famine, Furor, High Tide, Marathon, Purist, Rock, Swarm, Toxin, Undying, and Wrath active.


Complete the game with High Tide, Marathon, Wrath, Undying, and Destiny active.

Perfect Storm

With the High Tide Skull on, complete the game without picking up any maximum health upgrades.


With the Undying Skull on, complete the game without picking up any damage upgrades.

Fox Only

Complete the game with Final Destination active.