On Rusty Trails achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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A Few Lucky Tokens

Stumble over 5 tokens

Inventor's Childhood

Saw the Subs

Complete The Suburbs


Toggle your disguise one 100 times

The City is ours

Complete Our City


Jump for the 1,000th time

Our Collection

Found Someone to Share a Life With

Token Detector

Find a hundred tokens

Mine Sweeper

Trigger 20 Bombs


Complete These Mixed Quarters

Must Be Something to Bring Us Closer


Jump, like, 2000 times

The Game is Driven by This Machine

No More Work Today

Complete The Factory

Jungle Explorer

Complete The Other World

War Survivor

Complete It Is War

The Machinist

Complete Inside The Machine

Did It All

Complete the game

No Danger in the Subs

Don't die in the Suburbs

An Invention to Bring Her Rain

A Simple Life, Together


Get 5 War Machine kills

Inventor's Job

Rich Countryman

Collect and keep all tokens in the Suburbs

Wife Imprisoned (but He Freed Her)

Our Place

City Runner

Don't die in the City

Grasping Citizen

Collect and keep all tokens in the City

Inventor's Student Days

Don't Fear the Punching Clock

Don't die in the Factory

The Jungle is my Home

Don't die in the Other World

I Safely Wander between the Worlds

Don't die in the Mixed Quarters

Housewifely Mixed-Blood

Collect and keep all tokens in the Mixed Quarters

Jungle without Banks

Collect and keep all tokens in the Other World

Invincible Soldier

Don't die in the War

No Bucks for War!

Collect and keep all tokens in the War

Economical Worker

Collect and keep all tokens in the Factory

Machines Don't Bother Me

Don't die in the Machine

Machine Gets None of my Money!

Collect and keep all tokens in the Machine

Professional Token Detective

Leave no tokens to find for anyone

Made of Steel

Clear every level without dying

No Need for Backup

Collect and keep all tokens in the game


Perform 10,000 jumps