Dustoff Heli Rescue achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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I'm spinning!

Spin with the Scout twice at the same time

We're spinning!

Spin with a full Scout

Hurry, guys!

Pick up 20 soldiers without landing

Jungle Pilot

Survive hitting a tree


Find Buddha

Dustoff Lvl 1

Save 50 soldiers

Where's The Steering Wheel?!

Die within the first 4 seconds.

Dustoff Lvl 2

Save 100 soldiers


Save Rambo

Dustoff Lvl 3

Save 200 soldiers

Dustoff Survivor

Complete every mission

Dustoff Hero

Earn at least silver medal on every mission

Dustoff Legend

Earn golden medal on every mission

Tough Pilot

Complete the last mission with the M60 gun