Hack Run ZERO achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 72 unknown)

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Accepted Offer

Localhost Started

System Command

Chat Program

Reviewed Offer


Downloaded Axis

Launched Axis

Hacked Axis

Monitor Mission

Downloaded Monitor

Installed Monitor

Helpdesk Mission

Discovered Axis Username

Reset Alice's Password

Impressed Alice

Hacked Alice's Workstation

Hacked Mark's Workstation

Met Your Boss

Unknown is Z...

Met Eric

Found Class Command

Hacked Eric's Workstation

Tried Running Class

Alice Hates Eric

Hacked Bob's Workstation

Hacked Eve's Workstation

Earned a Promotion

Started Classified System

Genesis Evolution

Learned of Z.E.R.O.

Helped Alice

Hacked Hedy's Home

Hacked Hedy's Workstation

Zorn's Auth Code

Entered Auth Code

Top Secret File

Hacked Wally's Workstation

Helped Wally Quit

Deactivated Wally's Account

Read Zorn's Plan

Zorn's Family

Hacked Zorn's Workstation

Shut Down Axis

Hacked Toni's Workstation

Toni is a Miner

Hacked Toni's Mining System

Dead Miner

Eaten Miners

Hacked Ivan's Mining System

Downloaded ZCT

Z.E.R.O.'s Goal

Stoped Digging

Emails and Feed

Hacked Rex's Workstation

Disrupted Communication


Zero-Axis Bridge

Zombie Tracking

You Hacked ZERO!

Survived Attack

Hacked Cara's Workstation

Cured Infection

Saved Alice

Hacked Ivan's Workstation

Zombie Army

Saved Toni

Saved Hedy

Disarmed the Nukes

Cured All Zombies

You Saved The World!

Secret Level