See No Evil achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Set In Stone

Finish chapter one

No Page Left Unturned

Complete every level in Chapter One with no paper left on the floor

Jack's Hedge Maze

Shout no more than once in the foggy hedge maze in Chapter 2: Level Four

Ignorance Is Bliss

Do not disturb the enemy patrolling on the puzzle in Chapter 1: Level Eleven

Tending The Garden

Finish chapter two

Blind Fire

Complete the puzzle in the eleventh level of Chapter 3 without shouting

Open Your Eyes

Finish See No Evil

Laconic Wit

Complete the final puzzle with three shouts

Asylum Gold

Finish chapter one with no deaths

I Can See

Finish chapter zero

Garden Gold

Finsh chapter two with no deaths

Brick Breaker

Finish chapter one PLUS

Asylum Platinum

Finish chapter one PLUS with no deaths

Free Fall

Finish chapter three

Green Thumb

Finish chapter two PLUS

Garden Platinum

Finish chapter two PLUS with no deaths

Raking Leaves

Complete every level in Chapter Two with no leaves left on the floor

Gold Medal

Finish all chapters with no deaths

Gorgeous Eyes

Earn all Gold and Platinum medals

The Seer

Finish New Game PLUS

Mountain Gold

Finish chapter four with no deaths

Wall Gold

Finish chapter three with no deaths

Rough Drafts

Complete every level in Chapter Three with no blueprints left on the floor

Walk Through Walls

Finish chapter three PLUS

Wall Platinum

Finish chapter three PLUS with no deaths

Platinum Medal

Finish all PLUS chapters with no deaths

Mountain Platinum

Finish chapter four PLUS with no deaths