Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 56 unknown)

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False chosen one

Vampire kiss

Start the path

Acquire a skill

Crushed rock

Hunted hunter

A madman's on the loose

Heart of stone


Gain a total of 10000 Experience Points

Next stop: Castlevania

Good customer

Buy an item at the Chupacabras' shop

Femme fatale

The apple of his eyes

Initiated in Mastery

Increase the Mastery Level of a weapon

The path of the Whip

Acquire all of the Shadow Whip skills and upgrades

Natural selection

Once upon a time...


Gain a total of 50000 Experience Points

Family reunion

Inner Dracula

Dissipated storm

Death is not enough

The End


Gain a total of 100000 Experience Points

Whip Master

Increase the Mastery Level of the Shadow Whip to the maximum

Classic Flavor

Cook a chicken in the old style

The path of the Sword

Acquire all of the Void Sword skills and upgrades

Sword Master

Increase the Mastery Level of the Void Sword to the maximum

Freezing Void

Claw Master

Increase the Mastery Level of the Chaos Claws to the maximum

Burning Chaos

Customer of the month

Spend a total of 20000 Experience Points at the Chupacabras' shop

Weapons Master

Increase the Mastery Level of all weapons to the maximum

The path of the Claws

Acquire all of the Chaos Claws skills and upgrades

Nice armor...

The path of the warrior

Acquire all of the skills and upgrades

Multiple Pockets

Recover all the upgrades for the Relics

Chaos Collector

Recover 30 Chaos Gems

Life Collector

Recover 30 Life Gems

Void Collector

Recover 30 Void Gems

Expert Silversmith

Recover all the Void, Chaos and Life gems


Collect all of the art

Kleidos Champion I

Complete all the Reminiscences of Sapphire challenges

The Path of the Wolf

Acquire all the Crissaegrim's combat skills and upgrades in Revelations

Crissaegrim Master

Increase the Mastery Level of the Crissaegrim to the maximum in Revelations


Kill an enemy with the Ballroom's saw in Revelations

Not again...

Find those annoying characters from Alucard's past in Revelations

Fine Nose

Find all the Secret Boxes and Soldiers' Diaries in Revelations

Prince of Darkness

Complete the game at Prince of Darkness difficulty

Kleidos Champion II

Complete all the Recollections of Ruby challenges

Art Dealer

Collect all the artwork in Revelations

Kleidos Champion III

Complete all the Reminders of Amethyst challenges

Kleidos Champion IV

Complete all the Memories of Emerald challenges

Kleidos Hero

Complete all of the Kleidos challenges

Heir of Darkness

Complete Revelations at Prince of Darkness difficulty

Kleidos Legend

Complete all of the Kleidos challenges at Prince of Darkness difficulty

The Outer Limits

Complete 110% of the game