Agents of Mayhem achievement guide & roadmap



Single-player only

Difficulty does NOT affect achievements

1 missable achievements (plus 3 unknown)

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Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Equip your first gadget onto any agent.

That Went Poorly

Story, Unmissable,

Smells Like Home

Story, Unmissable,


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Equip an Upgrade Core to any agent.

Stop the Drop

Objective, Optional,

Destroy a Drop Pod Launcher Emplacement.

District Control

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

Take over an outpost - this is unmissable during Operation Raging Arrow

Designated Driver

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Call in an agent vehicle for the first time.

Accessories Sold Separately

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Use Gremlin Tech for the first time.

X Marks the Spot

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Find and open a large loot chest.

Long Jump

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Jump agent vehicle 50 meters in one jump.

Bling Bling

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Swap out an agent's weapon with a new look.

Achievement #1337

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

"Get 15 "All Perfect" hacks."

You should get this naturally as you play through the story, just be precise with the hacking.

Contested Location

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Take over each type of emplacement location.

You need to take over an outpost - after that the Relic Trading Co will appear, as will a Gremlin meetup, get them both too and the achievement will unlock.

Spreading MAYHEM

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Deploy your first agent to any LEGION region.

Space Laser: OFFLINE

Story, Unmissable,

LEGION Roadkill

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Run over Legion 10 times.

Hate this Thing

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Destroy a Hate Machine Emplacement.

Chill Out

Objective, Optional,

Destroy a Ice Barrage Emplacement.

Alert Level Wipe

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Complete LEGION Alert Level by defeating the LEGION Captain.

Not this Fracking Thing

Objective, Optional,

Destroy a Dark Matter Fracking Station.

Pimp Your Ride

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Build your first vehicle through blueprints.

What's the Password?

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Enter a secret room inside a LEGION lair.

More Like FUNgeon, Amirite?

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Complete a LEGION lair for the first time in Seoul.

Difficult to avoid getting this as you play through the game - some missions require you to complete lairs.

You Got Gaunt!

Story, Unmissable,

Jump Around

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Hit 10 jumps in the city.

Easy enough to get naturally while driving around. This isn't GTA-like where there are special jump points hidden around the place.

Wedding Crasher

Story, Unmissable,

Dominator Dominated

Objective, Optional,

Destroy a Gravity Dominator.

Not Technically a Golem...

Objective, Optional,

Destroy a Golem in the open world.

Broken Hearts Club

Story, Unmissable,

Through the Looking Glass

Story, Unmissable,

Warp Points Acquired

Grind, Optional,

Unlock 5 Warp Points through open world gameplay.

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Super Agent

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Reach level 40 on any agent

Get to level 20 with XP in normal play, then 'overlevel' to 40 by using Upgrade Cores, 1 per level. Near endgame you should have more than enough upgrade cores to do this if you've been exploring and picking up shards wherever possible.

Fall of Babylon

Story, Unmissable,

Secrets Within Secrets

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Find a secret room inside a secret room [inside a Lair].

Fully explore every lair and you'll get this sooner or later, they are randomly generated.

Hello, Ladies

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Collect all agent vehicles.

All the Bells and Whistles

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Fully upgrade all areas of the ARK.

Globally Offensive

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Complete the Moscow Global Offensive.

Contract Killer

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Complete 30 MAYHEM & Agent Contracts.

Next Up: Action Figures!

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Fully deck out Franchise Force in their signature outfits.

A Full Circle

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Complete a 360 in the air while in a vehicle.

Three's Company

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Fully deck out Carnage a Trois in their signature outfits.


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Fully deck out Firing Squad in their signature outfits.


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Fully deck out the Bombshells in their signature outfits.

Hack the Planet

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Unlock and Complete all standard VR room training programs.

There are lots of these, you have to complete them all - but they are all quite short. You don't gain XP or anything for characters in here, so pick whatever character you can kill things the fastest with.

Get Personal

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Complete all agent personal missions and get all agents to level 20.

Apparently you just need to get any 12 agents to level 20 - so you can mix and match base game and DLC characters for whichever ones you prefer!

Fire Up the Wayback Machine

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Use mission replay to replay and complete 3 missions.

Mission replay becomes available after you complete the story. You may get this if you have to replay missions for the "Hardcore Gamer" achievement.

Hardcore Gamer

Objective, Missable, Previously glitched, Anywhere,

Complete all Operations on Difficulty Level 7+.

Mission replay is unlocked after completing the story, so you can go back and redo any you did on a lower difficulty.

Agent unlock missions don't count. The original glitch was that if you didn't get this on your first run through of the game, it was impossible to unlock with mission replay. But this is fixed since early Nov 2017.

Shard Shark

Collectible, Optional, Anywhere,

Collect all collectible Shards in game.

There are 350 shards. A late-game agency upgrade will allow nearby shards to show when you scan the local area - but still it is a mission to get all 350. Note that some are high on buildings.

Contract Thriller

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Complete 15 Connected Contracts.

This will be quite a grind. Every time you play, go in and accept all 3 connected contracts that you can - favouring those that look completeable; i.e. those that are closest to complete or that you can make a big difference to. Try to adjust your activities in game to help contribute to completing the contract. You'll get it eventually...