Onikira: Demon Killer achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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I have ascended

You have killed 30 enemies while in the air

Ooh what’s this?

Dragon tooth

You have found a dragon fragment

Took down a mountain

You have defeated the Vanguard

The Breach


You have purchased your first upgrade

Daimyo's End

Take that!

You have killed 5 enemies using deflected grenades

Samurai 50

You have achieved a 50 hit combo

Fast and sharp

You got the Kama Blades!


You have purchased all the upgrades

The Tengu

Elegant and deadly

You got the Naginata!

Kama Blades Expert

You’ve killed 100 enemies using the Kama Blades


You have dodged 50 enemy hits

Hirumo's Return


You have defeated the Kanabo Oni

Heavy and strong

You got the Tetsubo!

Earth Clan City

Ice cold!

You have defeated the Kanabo Oni without taking damage

Leap of Faith

Naginata Expert

You’ve killed 100 enemies using the Naginata

I can fly!

You have killed 10 consecutive enemies while in the air


Here’s some more


You have all the upgrades

Tetsubo Expert

You’ve killed 100 enemies using the Tetsubo


You gained an SSS rank during combat

Flow like the water

You have defeated the Vanguard without taking damage

Dragon Showdown

Samurai 150

You have achieved a 150 hit combo

Dragon maw

You have found half of the dragon fragments

Treasure hunt

Samurai 400

You have achieved a 400 hit combo

Once more, with feeling

You have started the game again after completing it once.


You have completed an encounter with a SSS rank

Say when

Faster than light

You have completed a level without taking damage

Dragon grin

You have found all the dragon fragments

Found the treasure!

Come again!

You have spent 2500 in the shop


Rigorous training

You have upgraded Jiro’s health to maximum

I am honourbound