Viscera Cleanup Detail achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 84 unknown)

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Big Banger Burnout

Tame the uncontrollable fury of the Big Banger by incinerating it

Spring Fresh

Clean any map adequately

You're Fired!

Get fired!

Employee of the Month

Get the Employee of the Month reward for your office

The Mops Of Wrath

Complete Athena's Wrath Level

Who's for Dinner?

Get eaten

Bloody Hell!

Mop up 10,000 splats

Operation Brownwash

Complete Waste Disposal Level


Complete Caduceus Level

Blaze of Glory

Incinerate 2000 items

Surgical Sweeper

Complete Evil Science Level

Cold Storage

Complete Frostbite Level


Blow up a fellow worker

Thunder Candle

Requisition a new replacement janitor through the use of TNT

Brushed Steel

Complete Revolutionary Robotics Level


Complete Unrefinery Level

Deep-Sea Dry-cleaning

Complete Paintenance Level

Pass The Torch

Take a lit flare from a fellow Janitor

The Day the Funk Died

Bring about the sad meeting of Ice-Cold Banger and fire

Blood Soaked

Spill 100 dirty buckets

Ice-Cold Cleana

Complete Cryogenesis Level

Pine Fresh

Complete Hydroponic Hell Level

Lost in Space and Time

Get consumed by an inter-dimensional crack in space-time

Identity Theft

Steal 30 or more Personal Identification Devices (P.I.Ds) from cleaned levels and take them to your office

Louis and Clean

Complete Gravity Drive Level

Clean Freak

Cleanup your own personal Office by removing any Trash, Viscera and Blood; excluding trophies, then leave

Top Brass

Pick up 800 casings

Cleanliness is Godliness

Completely clean all mess in Santa's Workshop and clock off

Chew on This!

Throw 100 items into sand traps

Taking Out the Trash

Pick up 1000 pieces of trash

Swept Under The Carpet

Complete Uprinsing Level


Complete Overgrowth Level

Back From Whence It Came

Destroy the Bad Banger

Biomassive Breakdown

Complete Incubation Emergency Level

Not Quite a Lumberjack

Destroy 200 items in the woodchipper

Sanitary Supremacy

Completely clean the entire Shadow Warrior temple level


Complete Unearthly Excavation Level

First Aid

Restock a total of 50 medkits over your cleaning career by punching out of levels with medkits


Track over 20,000 footprints

Never Put It On

Collect the ring and return it to your office

Bad Dreams on Helm Street

Collect the clawed glove and return it to your office

House of Honor

Clean the entire House of Horror level

The Shimmering

Collect the axe and return it to your office

Bloody Incompetent

Prove your incompetence by leaving a worse mess in Santa's Workshop and clock off

St. Nick's Boomstick

Collect Santa's shotgun and bring it back to your office

The Red Nose Knows

Collect the iconic reindeer nose and bring it back to your office

The Nose Knows

Use the Sniffer for a total of 2 hours

Thursday the 12th

Collect the mask and machete and return them to your office

Employee of the Year

Receive 12 Employee of the Month awards

Rooks Kept

Collect the different Rooks Keep figurines and take them back to your office

Wicked Unliving

Collect the chainsaw, boomstick, cursed hand and the evil book and return them to your office


Collect the white mask and butcher knife and return them to your office

One Mop To Rule Them All

Complete All major Official Levels

Blood in the Water

Go for a swim with Sharks

Plague Bearer

Transfer a Goo-Jar to another work-site and infect something

Pest Control

Complete Pestilent Penitentiary Level

Bob's Legacy

Find Bob

Tower of Babel

Build a stack of 10 stools

Need a Hand?

Receive a total of 100 helping hands from the Slosh-O-Matic

Ballistic Weaponry

Collect the different Ballistic Weapons toys and bring them back to your office


Find all the hidden painted eggs and return them to your office

Crystal Clear

Complete Core Sample Level

Sanitized Earth

Completely clean all mess and destroy every item in Santa's Workshop and clock off

"Red Keycard"

Unlock Bob's super secret secret stash room

Master of the Beats

Turn off the Big Banger while it's playing loudly in zero-gravity during a Solo game

Mr. Two Million Dollars

Collect the two million dollars of cold hard cash from the Shadow Warrior level all at once and bring it back to your office

Double-Oh Dumbass

Foolishly activate the Death Ray

Bins? Limbs!

Suffer the wrath of the Bin machine 75 times

Bring the Thunder

Take the Big Banger Supernova out of Unearthly Excavation and into another work-site and turn it on

Head Hunter

Collect a head from each species in cleaned levels and take them to your office

Head Hunter

Collect a head from each species in cleaned levels and take them to your office


Fry 500 items with the plasma welder

Christmas Crisis Corrected

Completely clean Santa's Workshop without breaking any Christmas items and clock off

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

Find all the unique and hidden collectibles and return them to your office


Speedrun a map with at least %25 par time to spare

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Tank

Feed the ever hungry Sharks 500 items they can either devour or destroy

Teeth for Tunes

Bring about the unfortunate meeting of Double-Oh Banger and Shark

Santa Hats Must Die!

Incinerate 50 Santa hats, the symbol of everything you hate

Death From Above

Get turned into mist by an orbital beam weapon

Locked In

Lock another player inside a holding cell where they belong

Bleach and Clear

Complete Penumbra Level

Lair Care

Clean the entire Vulcan Affair level


Using an orbital beam weapon, destroy the symbol of your most hated overlord; cats!

Audacious Oddities

Find all the unique Collectibles in the Vulcan Affair and return them to your office

Orbital Bang-bardment

Allow the Banger to ascend to its rightful place among the heavens through the use of an orbital beam weapon