AIRHEART achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 42 unknown)

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Take me home

You returned home to Granaria without crashing. Good work!


You removed an enemy's armour with your harpoon, dismantling it of its protection.

Dead seas

You completely overfished a level. No fish will ever inhabit this layer again. Was it worth it?

Cloudy roads

You returned home safely three times. Well done for making those calls.

Actual fishing

You brought home a fish attached to your harpoon. It's good to know you can still master your craft.

Morning star

You smashed a harpooned pirate against a rock to destroy him. Savage!


You fished for a total value of 1,000. That's a decent amount of cash to start a real adventure.


You made your first weapon, and just out of the trash you found in the skies!

Take me to your leader!

You defeated a black pirate ace. These aces are incredibly tough and sport exotic weaponry. No easy feat!


You destroyed an enemy turret by harpooning it out of the ground, destroying it instantly.


You fished for a total value of 3,000; that's the price of a nice engine. You're definitely getting there!

A bit of a pirate myself

You brought down an oil trader zeppelin to steal its valuable contents. Don't let the police catch you committing such crimes!

The Zeppelin

You successfully defeated the "Lillianne", the mobile pirate airbase.

To the place

You returned home from Autumn Forest. These pirates sure are scary.

Make me clan king!

You annihilated a famous red pirate ace. The king of the pirates! Maybe they'll crown you queen now!

I am the law

You had a battle with the Granaria police and won! You should consider a career as an outlaw…

I'm an artist

You flew a plane made out of three plane parts from different airplanes. You did some really good work with what you had available, right?


You fished for a total value of 10,000. You could buy a superplane with all this money!

AI superiority

You thrashed a silver security drone. These steely machines are no match for your wit and prowess.

I feel young again

You own every piece of the vintage "Dunne Talon" plane. You could direct a road movie with this.

End of the blossoms

You completely overfished Cherry Blossom Yard. It will be hard for Granaria to keep going with these local fishing grounds gone.

Ace pilot

You reached Autumn Forest just with your "Pinty Canary". That's a true testament to roaming among the pirates with your starting plane.

The City

You successfully defeated the "Archipelago", the floating nomadic settlement of the air pirates.

I am from

You returned home from Snow Crest Altitude. Don't give up, you're so close to reaching the stratosphere.


You fished for a crazy total of 20,000. Are there still any fish left, or have you mindlessly destroyed the ecosystem?


You've now crafted ten weapons. Nice work! You're getting more skilled at making your own weapons!

Machine Annihilator

You annihilated a gold security drone. They are equipped with the most dangerous weaponry in all the skies, making you the destroyer of machines!

Outta my way

You own every piece of the massive "Comte Guardian" plane. You feel almost like a cop.

Stop! Shooter time!

You own every piece of the "Gati Horizon" airplane. Manufactured right here in your (new) hometown.

Step on the gas

You own every piece of the "Gati B-200" airplane. It's a workhorse for the fisherwoman you are.

Impossibly high-class

You own every piece of the "Aldasoro Corsair LT" plane. You've finally entered the upper class.


You've crafted twenty weapons in the game. The contraptions are now getting a bit wild…

Collect 'em all

You own every piece for every airplane in the game. How come you're still living in the underbelly of Granaria?

Dieselpunk Barbarian

You own every piece of the "Dunne Daredevil" airplane. A classic superplane of timeless elegance and aggressive lines.

The Snake

You successfully defeated the "Titan", the frightening guardian machine of the drone security.

Target practice

You encountered and defeated the baby whale. Good thing you got some practice in before the legendary one in the stratosphere.

The Lie

You successfully defeated the "Whale", and uncovered the truth behind the mythos.

Moby Dick

You fought and caught the small whale. Apparently it's just a baby, so how big will it grow?

Lone Fall

You completely overfished Autumn Forest. With the fish gone, the pirates will probably follow suit.

Amelia Earhart

You reached Snow Crest Altitude with your "Pinty Canary". Your skills as a pilot are incredible.

Winter's coming

You completely overfished Snow Crest Altitude. With the snowy regions gone, there won't be much left anywhere anymore.

Army of one

You've crafted every single weapon in the game! You could equip a real revolt against the topsiders now!