An Alien with a Magnet achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Comic Skipper

Why would you skip the comic?

I Just Like Sparkly Things

You really like sparkles, don't you?

I Really Like Sparkly Things

You just need 100 diamonds for this one

Music Is Overrated

The Curious One

Unlock one of the locks in the level overview

Super Size Me

What's better than a magnet? A bigger magnet!

Who Are We?

Sparkles All Over The Place

Wow, and a while ago I thought 100 diamonds was a lot!

Dumb Ways To Die

There's more than one way to 'die'

The Grim Reaper's Friend

Crash 100 times


Fire yourself from a cannon 200 times!

Shaken, Not Stirred

Bounce 100 times against a bumper to get shaken

The Lockpicker

Unlock all the locks in the galaxy overview

Finished All Levels

Cross the finish line in every level

The Collector

Collect all the orbs in every level

Secrets Everywhere

Find all the finish lines to the bonus levels

Aaaah! My Eyes!

You need 5000 of these sparkly looking things to get this one


Drain an energy planet 250 times

Galaxy Completed

Complete every level with the three orbs collected

That Puzzles Me

Complete 50 puzzle planets to prove your puzzling skills