BiT Evolution achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Pixel Hunter

Obtain a gold star on any level

BiT Smash!!!

Defeat the boss of World 1

A "BiT" of Exploration

Find any hidden area within the game

Gentleman, Scholar, Snake.

Defeat the boss of World 2

I am the Night!

Complete a level without killing any enemies (not even bats!)

You're UnBiTable!!!

Complete a level without ever entering the Realm of Code

Get it, Got it, Gold!

Obtain a gold star on any 10 levels

Now You're Playing With Power!

Defeat the boss of World 3

"Wraith" of Khan

Defeat the boss of World 4

Best in Town (Get it?)

Defeat the game's final boss

Can't Touch This!

Survive 30 seconds with the "death wall" in level 1-11

Pixel Perfect

Collect all of the pixels in the game

My Precious...

Carry the first Spider Clam to the goal tape on level 3-11

Are You Not Entertained?

Complete 20 levels in the game's challenge mode