FINAL FANTASY VII achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 67 unknown)

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Won 1st battle

Win your first battle


Use Cloud's 1st limit

Big Shot

Use Barret's 1st limit

Beat Rush

Use Tifa's 1st limit

Healing Wind

Use Aeris's 1st limit

Sled Fang

Use Red XIII's 1st limit


Get Yuffie on your team


Get Vincent on your team

Battle Square

Start a battle in the Battle Square

Greased Lightning

Use Yuffie’s 1st limit


Use Cait Sith's 1st limit

End of Part I

Complete the first part of the game

Boost Jump

Use Cid's 1st limit

Galian Beast

Use Vincent's 1st limit

Master Materia

Reach the maximum level of any Materia

Diamond Weapon

Defeat the Diamond Weapon

End of Part II

Complete the second part of the game

Bahamut Zero

Get materia Bahamut Zero


Get Cloud's last Limit Break

Ultimate Weapon

Defeat the Ultimate Weapon

Gold Chocobo

Get a Gold Chocobo

Knights of the Round

Get materia Knights of the Round

End of Game



Get Vincent's last Limit Break


Get Barret's last Limit Break


Get Cait Sith's last Limit Break

Cosmo Memory

Get Red XIII's last Limit Break

Final Heaven

Get Tifa's last Limit Break

Great Gospel

Get Aeris's last Limit Break

All Creation

Get Yuffie's last Limit Break


Get Cid's last Limit Break

Top Level

Reach level 99 with any character

Emerald Weapon

Defeat the Emerald Weapon

Ruby Weapon

Defeat the Ruby Weapon

Master of Gil

99,999,999 Gil

Materia Overlord

Master all Materias