Edgar achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Flying troubles

Learned how to fly!

Can o' Hero

Defeated Can o' Bomb

Under trouble

Passed half of the underwater planet! Take a time to breathe!

Feel the breeze

Learned how to surf!

There's always a bigger fish

Defeated Kroken


Passed half of the candy planet! It's a pitty that Edgar is diabetic :(


Defeated Groody

Mecha no mistake

Defeated Metal Edgar


Learned how to inverse gravity itself!

The real end

Defeated Sirus... for real!

The invasion began!

Made your way out of the first virus invasion

The end?

Defeated Sirus..... for real?

Take a bite

Made your way out of the fourth virus invasion

Shark bait

Defeated Lava Shark

Sea of sickness

Made your way out of the second virus invasion

Castle crusher

Sirus castle was easy, now fight him!

Too hot

Made your way out of the fifth virus invasion


Passed the real Sirus castle


The end is near...


Made your way out of the sixth virus invasion

Saw what you did there!

Made your way out of the third virus invasion

And justice for all!

Defeated Raguel