Adam's Venture Chronicles achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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And so the journey begins…

Congratulations! You managed to start the game!

Master blaster

Blow up the rocks

Gate of Eden

Find the Gate of Eden secret

Holy Trinity

Explore Faith, Hope and Love

Key to your faith

Find the hidden key


Endure a long climb

Faith, Hope, Love

Find the Faith, Hope, Love secret

The Lion and the Snake

Find The Lion and the Snake secret

Full Circle

Find the Full Circle secret

A Full Spectrum

Find the A Full Spectrum secret

And He saw it was good

Solve the final puzzle

End of Episode I

Complete the full game

Found all puzzle pieces

Find all seven missing pieces

Car Crusher

Gas prices are ridiculous anyway...

Rope Master

You are the master of ropes

Jump Master

Jump jump a little higher

Piano Man

You can tune a piano, but you can not tuna fish

Hanging Line Man

Hang in there!

Peek Greek

You unlocked chest Alpha

One Bridge Too Far

You're smarter than I thought

Sound Belief

Find the Sound Belief secret

Leap of faith

Find the Leap of faith secret

Sick Greek of Hulk Greek

You unlocked chest Gamma

Inspired Greek

You unlocked chest Delta

Greek Ultimus

You unlocked chest Epsilon

Disk Puzzle Master

Now was that so hard?

Swimming Man

Darn,You fell. Well at least you achieved this.

End Of Episode 2

Congratulations! You have completed episode 2!

Find A Book

Ah..look. A Book!

Dog whisperer

Talk to Digger

Master of the books

Find yourself a book

All roads lead to Luz

North, West, Luz tha best

Mechanical man

Fix that car!


Scaring the birds!


Little wind mill, say it aint so...

Indiana Adam

And the temple of Solomon


Spin that globe!

Here boy!

Digging up the dog

The End

End of the Trilogy

Got Ya!


Close but no cookie


Lightswitch master

On, off, on, off, on, off....

Geek Greek

You unlocked chest Beta

Globetrotters Part deux


Knock, knock…

Try opening the gate of Eden