HackyZack achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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World 1 Squashed

Complete all levels in World 1.

World 2 Crushed

Complete all levels in World 2.

Sord Bearer

World 3 Squeezed

Complete all levels in World 3.


Collect all stickers in W1.

World 4 Trampled

Complete all levels in World 4.

Fox Man


Collect all stickers in W2.

World 5 Mashed

Complete all levels in World 5.

World 6 Pounded

Space Witch


Collect all stickers in W3.


Collect all stickers in W4.

Evil Twin


Collect all stickers in W5.

Best Friend


Clear all of W1 target levels.


Collect all stickers in W6.

Your Princess is in Another Castle

Clear all of W2 target levels.

Golden Rings

Clear all of W4 target levels.

Gotta Go Faster!

Beat all Target level Dev times.

Crystal Breaker

Clear all of W3 Target Levels.

Cute Alien

Unlock Leroy as a Playable Character.

Get On My Level

Clear all of W6 target levels.

Gotta Go Fast!

Beat all Target level Normal times.

Target Practice

Clear all of W5 target levels.

Master Dribbler

100% the game.